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Spirit Guides and Otherworldy Contact

Spirit Realms
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Spirit Realms is a community for people who have or seek otherworld contact, such as may be with spirit guides, angels, soulbonds, just to name a few. Please feel free to post your own experiences, questions, concerns, links to information, websites, books, etc that you would consider of interest to other members.

Spirit Realms is open to anyone of any path, so long as they are considerate of others who may or may not share their own belief structure. Respect and tolerance are keywords here.

If possible, I would like to see this LJ Community foster interest in the creation of meet-ups in locales around the country/world, so if you feel comfortable with it, please feel free to list at least a general location when you post your introduction to the community. (It's okay to lurk, of course...but it would be nice if you could post at least a short intro at the very least.) It would be great to be able to link up people so that they can eventually meet in person.

Be polite. Play nice. No flames. That's pretty much it here for policy. :)