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Totems and Familiars

Wrote a piece about totems and it kind of slipped over (briefly) into totems which are actually more spirit familiars. In Australia, apparently, there are clan or family totems and then there are secondary individual totems which you acquire (ie, helper spirits). These are more like familiar spirits.

So, the point was made that you can't change your clan/family totem (at least, not once its picked you), but your spirit familiars/totems can and do change.

But, of course, I also explored the idea that since we tend to all be of such mixed family heritages that WHICH family totem will be for us is up for grabs. However, my experience (and the experience of those I know) is that once you've been picked by one it tends to be possessive as all heck.

I know I thought when I was a kid that my totem should be Tiger...but it turned out to be Crow. As for my spirit familiars, some I felt a connection to before they showed up, but others were a real surprise.
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