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Familiar Spirits

I consider my spirit contacts to be my familiars. I know that some people use that term differently than I do, but as the original phrase was "familiar spirit" and not just "familiar," I do feel very strongly that presupposes that your familiar is, in fact, a spirit.

If I was a Spiritualist, I suppose I would call them my spirit guides, but I prefer familiar. We walk a path together, familial spirits all, and I find that our relationship is much like any other. You have to work to keep it all going and they have to work to keep it all going. When we get busy...

Yet I've found that their lives often reflect my own. I learn things from finding out what they've been up to in their own worlds. I also learn how to be a better and stronger me from my interaction with them.

Which is why...when I let it all slide for a while for a couple of reasons, now I feel as though I need to re-learn a few things and re-build what was lost. I let it go for a while and, maybe, I shouldn't have. My familiars are part of me and they are also gateways not just to my own power, but to otherworldly powers.

No self-respecting witch should let that just...slide...
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