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They're Baaaaaack....

Okay, so I know that spirit contacts fade and then come back strong again and again. I know this, yet everytime it fades off for a while (mostly because I'm too busy or they are or ???) I worry and wonder that, maybe, they won't be back. Yeah, I should know this, but still...

Anyway, I'm going to try to keep it stronger this time. All the books I've read lately talk about spirit contacts and how important they are to the Craft/Shamanism. I definitely want to not only work with that in my own life, but to help others make that contact if they so desire it and also work to keep their contacts vital and strong.

One way I have of doing that is by setting aside one day of the week for each contact and making sure I "talk" with them on that day, even if only for a few minutes. The other is to come up with questions and ask each one of them to answer it in their own way. That certainly has led to some interesting viewpoints. I suppose I could also try to dream of them...one each week, touch their world, their hearts, their minds, their feelings.

Just like any other friendship, the current has to go both ways and both sides have to be willing to be open and to remain open.
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I know that one of my spirit guides was quite upset that I hadnt noticed him around for a couple of days, and I had to explain that even thought I do try, most days, sometimes I simply cant, and he understood then that for someone here on Earth in the physical plane can find it quite hard to percieve spirit things, at the drop of a hat... But he did understand when I explained it..