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Some of the people I hang out with now--though supportive--don't enjoy hearing about this side of my life as much. They believe me, but they don't want to interact with my guides on a regular basis. I mean, one of my guides wrote something once and a friend and I got into an argument over whether he should be credited or me. I was arguing that I just wanted it stated that the info had been channeled and she was arguing that my hand had written it down, so I should be credited. But I know the difference...

Sometimes, I think that it would be nice to have a convention for people with guides/familiars and be able to meet others who share the same ability and interests. Unless, the kinds of folks you'd tend to get showing up would be mostly into the crappier side of the New Age?

I mean, most of the books out there re spirit guides and the like are either Spiritualist based or New Age (read fluffy New Age). I have found very few books that are both serious and offer good advice.

What if, then...what if one of my guides ends up writing a whole book someday? Should I put it under his name? Give credit where credit is due? I mean, sure I should be credited with having done the actual typing (my fingers anyway) but if he did the writing, then its his work IMHO. Weird wonderings...
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