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Well, gee, hi!

I was wondering about a bit in my boredom, found you folks, and went, what the hell, I'm always into learning new stuff.

Name's Arista, friends call me Ari. Another reason as to Why I joined was QoI's post about why humanity is reverting back to sex, drugs, and mutilation. It sparked interest in a couple of my bonds.

I have many, but my current focus is now on two. One is a teen whom I mothered in a past life, and the second is an old lover who saved my soul a long time ago. When I and they feel a little more comfortable, I'll devulge more.

My current goals are to remember my Big Past and not to be weighed down by it. I haven't been the best little unicorn out there, and I have heaped all sorts of guilt and regret on my hands for things I was forced to do. So, before I can go back home (Cause frankly in My Opinion, Earth is a joke) I need to forgive myself for charging myself of the attrocitiess to begin with.

Yes, I know this sounds way too cryptic, but give me time. -=smile=- I think once I feel safe here, I can contribute muchly. -=nods=-
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